IIMMPACT App Terms and Conditions

1. Introducing the IIMMPACT Dashboard

The IIMMPACT Dashboard is offers a fast, simple and convenient mobile payment experience. The IIMMPACT Dashboard is available to iimmpact customers.

With the IIMMPACT Dashboard, you can topup and pay your bills. You can also check your account balance and transaction history.

You can install and register on the IIMMPACT Dashboard on any browser.

These IIMMPACT Dashboard Terms and Conditions govern your use of the IIMMPACT Dashboard, together with the Terms and Conditions of your accounts used in connection with the IIMMPACT Dashboard and IIMMPACT Sdn Bhd Terms and Conditions.

2. Pay to account number

Payments will be processed by account number only, without using an account name. Please take care to enter the correct account number as you may not be able to recover a payment if it is credited to a mistaken account for example, if there are no funds in the account

2.1 Pay to a mobile phone number

You give us the recipient mobile phone number.

We will check the mobile number and provide you with the recipient’s first and last name for you to verify.

Once you confirm the payment details, we will process the payment directly into the recipient’s nominated account without the recipient having to make a claim to receive it.

2.2 In general

Regardless of whether the payment is made using account number or mobile phone number, the following terms apply:

We may cancel or suspend your right to claim a payment at any time without notice to you (e.g. if a dispute arises or we suspect mistake or fraud).

We are not responsible for any loss you suffer due to our cancelling or suspending your right to claim a payment (e.g. if a dispute arises or we suspect mistake or fraud).

3. Protecting against unauthorized transactions

4.1 IIMMPACT App access PIN

When you register for the IIMMPACT App, you have the option to set up a IIMMPACT App access pin.

You can change this PIN by uninstalling and reinstalling the IIMMPACT App.

4.2 How to protect your IIMMPACT App access PIN

You should always:

Memorize the PIN as soon as possible – if you record it, disguise it so others can’t decipher it;

If you nominate a PIN, use a number that is not obvious or can’t be easily guessed (e.g. don’t use date of birth or driver’s license number); and

Take precautions when using the IIMMPACT App (e.g. don’t let anyone watch you enter your PIN).

You must never:

Tell or let anyone find out your PIN – not even family or friends;

Record a PIN on your device or computer;

Keep a record of the PIN with your device.

4.3 Other things you must never do

Don’t ever

Allow another person to use your device to make purchases or payments.

Leave your devices unattended.

Use the IIMMPACT App with a device other than a compatible Android phone.

5. Other things you should know

5.1 Verifying your mobile number to full access

For security reasons, each time you register for the IIMMPACT App, you are prompted to verify your mobile number.

After verifying once, you won’t have to do so again on the same device until you need to re-register.

5.2 Using the IIMMPACT App on more than one device

You can install and register on the IIMMPACT App to unlimited device with one iimmpact ID.

If you are no longer in possession of one or more of your registered devices, you should change your password. This would logged out all the connected devices

5.3 Check the details you enter carefully

Please take care to enter the correct recipient or payee details or your payment may be unsuccessful, and/or you may not be able to recover a payment made to an incorrect recipient. We do not check that the details you provide are correct.

You cannot delete or cancel a iimmpact payment once it has been made.

You are responsible for entering the correct recipient details when sharing information in the via email, SMS or any other 3rd party app installed on your device.

5.4 Fees

Any fees and charges that apply to your iimmpact accounts accessible via the IIMMPACT App will continue to apply to transactions made using the IIMMPACT App.

You may incur charges from your mobile service provider for downloading and using the IIMMPACT App

There may be fees for receiving incoming iimmpact SMS, which we will advise through the app.

5.5 Suspension or termination

We may suspend or terminate your use of the IIMMPACT App without notice at any time, e.g. if we suspect unauthorized transactions have occurred or that the IIMMPACT App is being misused.

5.6 Disclosures

You agree that we may disclose your details to the recipient of the funds to aid them in identifying the transaction.

5.7 Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these IIMMPACT App Terms and Conditions at any time. We will notify you of any material changes by electronic notice to you via your device or on the app store. We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes to continue using your IIMMPACT App.


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