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Enjoy a great discount of up to 10% when you top-up your mobile phone, paying your bills, and many more.


Digital Billing

Forget about paper bills. See the detailed breakdown of all your bills in one single app.


No Internet Needed

IIMMPACT is designed to work even without an internet connection when you make a mobile top-up.

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Join us today and experience the state of the art IIMMPACT portal and API for your top-up business.

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If businesses are planning to integrate top-up services on their platform (white-label solution) can now be deployed within days instead of months.

Simplify and total freedom 

Forget about complicated hardware setup. IIMMPACT is a user-friendly app without the need of purchasing any additional hardware.

Better cash flow

We help to solve your tight cash flow with our 24x7 automated payment system.

What does IIMMPACT sell?

Over 85+ products and increasing.


Mobile Recharge

Start your mobile recharge with IIMMPACT today and save up to 10% discount with your choice of prepaid or postpaid plans.


Tax Assessment

Need to pay property tax or fines? Need not worry, IIMMPACT covers it all.



Are you tired of all your different bills like electricity, water, internet, or Astro? Pay all your utility bills in one single app today.

Awards & Recognitions


Are you ready for a big IIMMPACT in your career? We’re excited to meet you. 

We are a team of enthusiasts that started IIMMPACT back in December 2017. We have successfully created the IIMMPACT app that brings joy to tens of thousands of people every day. This success is coming from a team effort and that’s only possible because of our employees share the same passion and will continue to drive us forward.


What are the advantages of digital wallets?

Digital wallets became increasingly popular when Apple Pay was first released in 2014. 

What is a Digital Wallet and How Does It Work?

An e-wallet or in other words, a digital wallet is a system that securely stores a person’s payment information.


Received up to 10% discount on mobile top-ups and many more.